Double Smoke

For the days where only whisky will cut it… the Double Smoke will be the perfect choice in mellowing out after a hard day.

There is nothing quite like kicking back with a whisky and cola after a long week. Catch up and shoot the breeze with Mikey’s Double Smoke, where the Smokey Monkey Whisky meets the Artisan Double Barrel Smoked Cola.

Joined together by a flamed orange peel, the exquisite flavour of these ingredients will strip away any remnants of high shoulders and shoot you blissfully into the weekend.

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  • 25ml Smokey Monkey Whisky
  • Top up with Artisan Drinks Barrel Smoked Cola


Add all ingredients into an old fashioned glass and stir. Garnish with a flamed orange peel.


Flamed Orange Peel


Old Fashion


Ice cubes

Double Smoke

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