Rum & Coke Daquiri

We’re putting your cocktail making skills to the test with this one – but it will be worth the effort!

Mix together Duppys Share Aged Rum, fresh lime and sugar – and then you need to dress it with some Artisan Drinks Co Barrel Smoked Cola Foam.

You’re going to need a canister or whipper with a nitrous charger for this one, plus two bottles of flat Barrel Smoked Cola, lime juice and egg white or agar agar to create that lighter-than-air cream which will just float on the top. Daquiris will never be the same again…


  • 50ml Duppys Share Aged Rum
  • 25ml Fresh Lime
  • 15ml Sugar
  • 200ml 2x Barrel Smoked Cola


Shake daiquiri ingredients and fine strain into chilled glass. Float foam on top and serve. Barrel Smoked Cola Foam: made in Canister, Nitrous Charger, 2 x Flat Barrel Smoked Cola & lime juice, egg white or Agar Agar


Barrel Smoked Cola Foam




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