Violet Down Under

Dare to give our Oz inspired botanical bouquet with the Violet Down Under.

Mikey marries Byron Bay brilliance in the shape of Brookie’s gin with the Artisan Violet Blossom Tonic, bringing out the unique botanicals that are native to the Australian rainforest. Dreamed up in the tonic’s lilac veil, this gin will flourish and awaken you senses.

The added spark coming from the mint and lime garnish will keep the sweetness from taking over completely. Truly an indulgence that could easily become a weekly treat.

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  • 25ml Brookie's Gin
  • Top up with Artisan Drinks Violet Blossom Tonic


Add all ingredients in the collins glass and stir. Garnish with two lime wheels & a mint sprig.


2 Lime Wheels & Mint


Collins Glass


Ice cubes

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Violet Down Under

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