An entrepreneur and an artist walk into a bar... No joke – it happened. That’s where they met Mikey. The rest, as they say, is history.

How it started

The unorthodox beginnings of Artisan Drinks provide a strong clue to the type of business the three founders wanted to create. Steve Cooper, Alan Walsh and Mikey Enright – respectively the drinks entrepreneur, the artist and the award-winning bar owner in Sydney (did we mention it was only recently voted world’s best gin bar?) – all had one thing in common, a desire to do things differently. This led to the Artisan ethos of “Why blend in when you can stand out…”

The Art of Mixing
We’re very proud of the fact we’ve taken this idea from concept to creation and the result is our ever-growing range of Artisan Drinks, all made with 100% natural ingredients, offering unique flavour combinations which have been developed by Mikey to truly complement craft spirits rather than drowning them in sugar or artificial ingredients. When this is combined with Al’s outstanding illustrations, each with their own story of where the art was created, you can see the artisan spirit behind this very different type of mixer drink!

We’re delighted to welcome you to the Artisan family and glad you’re coming on the journey with us…

The Team

Our team is a growing eclectic mix of experts within their field, united by a passionate pursuit of excellence, a bias to challenge the status quo and drive to make ‘stuff’ happen.

Our Ethos


Our journey may have started off as a proverbial meet-cute in Australia, and akin to many of the silver screen tales with the same beginning, what was once a glimmer of an idea quickly grew into something more. Artisan Drinks has continued to develop since its birth and is now an outstanding range of mixer drinks for those colourful, free spirits prepared to stand out from the crowd and shine in their own way.

Our ethos shines through in our unique range of tonics and mixers. With craft quality on the inside and out, the Artisan Labels feature the iconic images of internationally reclaimed artist Alan Walsh. He expertly combines bold colours with clean, minimal strokes to capture the spirit & elegance of each character. The art inside the bottle comes from Mikey Enright, top Australian bar owner & cocktail expert.

Mikey has developed each Artisan recipe using only the finest natural ingredients and unique flavour combinations to elevate craft spirits to the next level when mixed together. You can see where we’re coming from. We want to offer the best, created out of the best ingredients, both in regards to what’s in and on the bottles.

As we’re sure you can agree; life’s too short to drink dull and opting for the ordinary or mixing with the mainstream. What’s more, Artisan celebrates uniqueness. This is represented in our colours, our flavours and our team, as well as in supporting and celebrating all art forms, including art students. Without those who dare to think outside the box, you wouldn’t see the innovation or exciting developments you see in the Arts. And this is what we bring to the world of drinks – An artisanal view. Join us in taking that first step into unchartered waters.