Star of Bombay Tonica

The Star of Bombay gin didn’t earn its name by accident. With added botanicals and distilled especially to intensify its flavour, this is a true horsehead nebula of gins. Further intensified by the powers of our Artisan Drinks Agave Lemon Tonic, this is a stellar choice for a G&T for a special occasion worthy of a treat.

Garnish with some grapefruit, star anise and coriander to complement the flavours and enjoy.


  • 50ml Star of Bombay Gin
  • 200ml Agave Lemon Tonic


Add all ingredients in a balloon glass and stir. Garnish with a grapefruit wedge, star anise & coriander.


Grapefruit wedge, Star anise & Coriander


Balloon glass


Ice cubes

Paper Plane

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Star of Bombay Tonica

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Greyhound Tonic

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